What is Gamemusic?

It’s not only about writing “good sounding music” when you write for games – an interactive and potentially highly immersive medium. Top Notch Music Production Skills are a must have – but by far not the most important thing.

I’ve been loving game music for 25 years, analyzing it for 15 years & I’ve been working as a fulltime composer for games for 10 years

And I have fortunately been able to learn in dozens of projects
how to utilize valuable techniques as:

What instruments do I use & why?
How do they fit the story/coloring/mood of the game’s world?
Which ideas/characters/locations are they possibly linked to?
What kind of melodic/instrumental leitmotifs do we have?
Mood techniques, couleur locale, emotional atmospheres.
Music as a signal/storyteller
How to make music evolve with the visuals

How to write adaptive & immersive music that reacts