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/ We teamed up with Toni Perks for a 18-min OST for his upcoming Book Princes of Pantheon
/ We teamed up with Jason Miachel Primrose again for a 50-min OST for his upcoming 2nd Book of his Lost Children of Andromeda Series
(Will be released in July)
/ We teamed up with Kris Mendez for a 20-min OST for his upcoming Action Game
/ We teamed up with Lillious Prod for a 30-min OST for his upcoming Classic RPG
/ We teamed up with RieIndie  for a 40-min OST for their upcoming Graphic Novel Game
/ We teamed up with GamesForGoo [GGG]  for a 60-min OST for their upcoming Action Adventure Game
/ 2020-Recap Album Release:

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/ Workflow Insights on our Twitch Channel are now available

/ Release of the Gilded Shadows: Official Soundtrack on Spotify (Listen here)

/ Teamed Up with Chris Green (Sumo Digital) for a TBA Videogame

/Teamed up with Dasheek Dennis. We’ll compose 10 Tracks for his TBA Videogame TaoG

/Collaboration with Fabian Boreck (asst. Principal Cellist of the Oldenburg State Orchestra) (Listen here)

/Teamed up with Little Pixel Games.We’ll compose ~10 Tracks for their Videogame Hippoxxus

/Teamed up with Steamberry Studio to realize a 30-40 min OST for their Visual Novel Videogame Gilded Shadows

/Cooperation with the author Jason Michael Primrose to realize a 2nd soundtrack experience for the continuation of the novel Zosma: Lost Children of Andromeda


/Cooperation with the author Jason Michael Primrose to realize a 25 min soundtrack for his novel Zosma: Lost Children of Andromeda (Now LIVE on Spotify)

/After a successful Kickstarter Campaign we teamed up with Matthew D.H. Beer to work on the Music for his game Toby’s Island (TBR Apr. 2020)

/Tobi was invited to join the Soundiron Composer Team.
You’ll find a lot of official Demo-Tracks he composed for their newest VST releases at their Website.

/A lot of new cooperations with Indie Game Devs & filmmakers took place – Visit our Reel to listen to some example tracks,realized during these projects.

/Symphonic Metal Remix of SN4KE

/Production of various songs and beats for artists

/Sascha Michi (IN SOUND WE TRUST) joined the team as the main Mixing- & Mastering Engineer

/Rebecca Junghans joined the team as our inhouse vocal artist (singer/dubbing artist/narrator)

Tobias Weiß - historical device
film-and-gamemusic - workstation II
film-and-gamemusic workstation I
tobias weiss - composer

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A customized musical concept is of great importance for Your game no matter what genre Your creation may have. Music helps the player to fully immerse in the world created by You. Music obtains the ability to guide the player and thus intensify the gaming experience immensely.


Moving pictures move people.
Our compositions enhance the mood captured in Your creation. We will compose music for your work scene by scene and under strict guidance of Your creation’s intention, message and desired mood.

Composition becomes Emotion

Every film, every videogame and every trailer is a visual piece of art, a product of Your hard work, effort and passion.
Its is our aim to enrich the vision You created with perfectly customized music to help You achieve a unique audiovisual experience.

Emotion becomes Composition

Outstanding film- or gamesoundtracks are not only a useful addition to your work but an essential part of every production. We think, what defines good music is its ability to create vivid pictures on the audience’s mind, to emotionally engage its audience, to touch the audience.

Our musical creations base on this fundamental idea- We capture the atmosphere of Your work and embrace its mood by adding an auditory dimension to it. Music that has not been created for and modelled around Your work carries the risk of diminishing or even distorting the intended mood and message of Your production. For Your work to attain the desired effect and appeal it is essential to create perfect harmony of the consumer’s visual and auditory experience.

This is our promise to You.

Tobias Weiß Komponist