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My Name Is Tobi Weiss & I Compose Soundtracks For Games.


Besides that I offer full Song-/Beat-/Instrumental production for Rappers, Musicians and Bands.

And sometimes I write Music for:

Books, Films, Festivals, Commercials, Brands.
Contact me to talk about details.

What am I good at?


/ I design a tailored OST concept for your project & implement it with industry standard equipment & instruments by top-notch vendors and partners.

/ That’s done based on my analysis and musical interpretation of the virtual world and its content (Used colors, lore, characters, etc. – everything is important for questions like: What instruments do we need – and why? How does this world sound?)

/ I compose and produce music that always has a purpose – mood technology, couleur locale, music as a signal, motivation, parallel evolution to the visual etc. It’s about much more than “just” good-sounding music. Conceptless music may work – but wastes an incredible potential for memorability, immersion & customer loyality.

/ I connect instruments and musical leitmotifs with characters, ideas and locations to give the music an additional narrative and emotionally reinforcing level by utilising recurrence and dynamically evolving motifs.

– All based on my studies of the role and function of video game music and 12 years of experience.


/ I composed and produced support and/or standalone Instrumentals + Songs for Dozens of Bands/Artists/Rappers and Musicians in general.

/ During the last 12 years of professional music production I covered pretty much every genre/mood/style and (even more valuable for my skillset) – i merged/combined/changed/experimented (with) them. 
/ I’m used to working with super rough ideas, too. If you have an almost final track that you want me to enhance with my music (based on your visions) – awesome. If you only have a rough idea/piano line & some humming – that’s fine, too. We’ll create sth together.
/ The main workflow is pretty much the same as the one I described above (gamemusic)

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Latest Update: ACAS Trailer, done!

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