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My Name Is Tobi Weiss & I Compose Soundtracks For Games.


Besides that I offer full Song-/Beat-/Instrumental production for Rappers, Musicians and Bands.

And sometimes I write Music for:

Books, Films, Festivals, Commercials, Brands.
Contact me to talk about details.

What am I good at?


/ I design a tailored OST concept for your project & implement it with industry standard equipment & instruments by top-notch vendors and partners.

/ That’s done based on my analysis and musical interpretation of the virtual world and its content (Used colors, lore, characters, etc. – everything is important for questions like: What instruments do we need – and why? How does this world sound?)

/ I compose and produce music that always has a purpose – mood technology, couleur locale, music as a signal, motivation, parallel evolution to the visual etc. It’s about much more than “just” good-sounding music. Conceptless music may work – but wastes an incredible potential for memorability, immersion & customer loyality.

/ I connect instruments and musical leitmotifs with characters, ideas and locations to give the music an additional narrative and emotionally reinforcing level by utilising recurrence and dynamically evolving motifs.

– All based on my studies of the role and function of video game music and 12 years of experience.


/ I composed and produced support and/or standalone Instrumentals + Songs for Dozens of Bands/Artists/Rappers and Musicians in general.

/ During the last 12 years of professional music production I covered pretty much every genre/mood/style and (even more valuable for my skillset) – i merged/combined/changed/experimented (with) them. 
/ I’m used to working with super rough ideas, too. If you have an almost final track that you want me to enhance with my music (based on your visions) – awesome. If you only have a rough idea/piano line & some humming – that’s fine, too. We’ll create sth together.
/ The main workflow is pretty much the same as the one I described above (gamemusic)

Discover the most recent daily Content & Updates: Instagram – @filmandgamemusic


/ 60 Minutes Score for the TBR Documentary Not Just a Shot
/ Instrumental Production for Unveil Raze (Japan)
/ Demo Track Production for Steinberg Media Technologies
/ Joined The Waves Audio Artist Team
/ Further Demo Track Productions for Eastwest Sounds, Spitfire Audio & Heavyocity
/ Recap Album 2022:

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/ OST Productions for 2 Documentaries & 3 TBR Videogame-Projects
/ Teamed Up with DH Games for a BGM Track (Idle Heroes, 1m+ Downloads)
/ Began producing Demo Tracks/Videos for Spitfire Audio & Heavyocity
/ Produced a 6.30 hours Dynamic Game Music Library for EpicStockMedia
/ Multiple Trailer Score Productions for Trailer Houses
/ Teamed up with Darko.Liberati for a 20 Min Game OST
/ Teamed up with Lunatix for a 35 Min Game OST
/ 2022-Q1-Recap Album Release:

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/ Joined the Team of LevelUpYourPodcast as a Music Producer
/ Teamed up with Arcadia PROD for the Production of a ~20 Min OST for their Game “Arcadia”
/ Teamed up with GameFeelings for the Production of a ~40 Min OST for their Game “Find the Gnome”
/ Teamed up with SoundYeti / EpicStockMedia for the Production of a Dynamic Game Music Library
/ Teamed up with SoundYeti / EpicStockMedia for weekly Music Production Videos for their VSTs
/ Teamed up with Logan Brown for a 30-min OST Production for “Acadia” (TBR on Steam ~q4 2022)
/ Teamed up with DHGames (China) for an OST Production for Idle Heroes (Mobile Game


/ 2021-Recap Album Release:

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/ We teamed up with Toni Perks for a 18-min OST for his upcoming Book Princes of Pantheon
/ We teamed up with Jason Miachel Primrose again for a 50-min OST for his upcoming 2nd Book of his Lost Children of Andromeda Series
(Will be released in July)
/ We teamed up with Kris Mendez for a 20-min OST for his upcoming Action Game
/ We teamed up with Lillious Prod for a 30-min OST for his upcoming Classic RPG
/ We teamed up with RieIndie  for a 40-min OST for their upcoming Graphic Novel Game
/ We teamed up with GamesForGoo [GGG]  for a 60-min OST for their upcoming Action Adventure Game
/ 2020-Recap Album Release:

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/ Workflow Insights on our Twitch Channel are now available

/ Release of the Gilded Shadows: Official Soundtrack on Spotify (Listen here)

/ Teamed Up with Chris Green (Sumo Digital) for a TBA Videogame

/Teamed up with Dasheek Dennis. We’ll compose 10 Tracks for his TBA Videogame TaoG

/Collaboration with Fabian Boreck (asst. Principal Cellist of the Oldenburg State Orchestra) (Listen here)

/Teamed up with Little Pixel Games.We’ll compose ~10 Tracks for their Videogame Hippoxxus

/Teamed up with Steamberry Studio to realize a 30-40 min OST for their Visual Novel Videogame Gilded Shadows

/Cooperation with the author Jason Michael Primrose to realize a 2nd soundtrack experience for the continuation of the novel Zosma: Lost Children of Andromeda


/Cooperation with the author Jason Michael Primrose to realize a 25 min soundtrack for his novel Zosma: Lost Children of Andromeda (Now LIVE on Spotify)

/After a successful Kickstarter Campaign we teamed up with Matthew D.H. Beer to work on the Music for his game Toby’s Island (TBR Apr. 2020)

/Tobi was invited to join the Soundiron Composer Team.
You’ll find a lot of official Demo-Tracks he composed for their newest VST releases at their Website.

/A lot of new cooperations with Indie Game Devs & filmmakers took place – Visit our Reel to listen to some example tracks,realized during these projects.

/Symphonic Metal Remix of SN4KE

/Production of various songs and beats for artists

/Sascha Michi (IN SOUND WE TRUST) joined the team as the main Mixing- & Mastering Engineer

/Rebecca Junghans joined the team as our inhouse vocal artist (singer/dubbing artist/narrator)

Tobias Weiß Komponist